Sadhus at Ujjain during Kumbh Mela Pilgrim
Ujjain, Hindu's sacred city

For centuries, people have been thronging the Ujjaini ghats on the Shipra not only for holy baths but also to perform life-cycle rituals. Ujjain, among Hinduism's seven sacred cities  and one of the four centers of the Kumbh Mela held every 12 years. Once on a flourishing trade route to Mesopotamia and Egypt, nowadays, it is little more than a provincial town.
Facts / Did you know?
Many dynasties ruled over the prosperous city and it is said to have been the seat of the viceroyalty of Ashoka in 275 BC. The poet Kalidasa, one of the Nava Ratna of Hindu literature, wrote some of his works here. His love for Ujjain finds full expression in Meghdoot.
Ujjain stands on the first meridian of longitude for Hindu astronomers, who believed that the Tropic of Cancer also passed through the site. This explain the presence of the Vedha Shala observatory, southwest of town, built by Raja Jai Singh II of Jaipur (1730 )when he was the Governor of Malwa under the Mughals. Small, compared to the Jantar Mantars, it has only five instruments. Even today the Ephemeris tables (predicted positions of the planets), are published here.

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The city has a flare of vegetarian restaurants serving North Indian cuisines.
Most restaurants serve desi ghee thalis.

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Malwa region is famous for its delicious ethnic snacks and sweets.
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Mahakelshwar temple, Ved shala, sight seeing Ujjain
For centuries, people have been thronging the ghats on the Shipra not only for holy baths but also to perform life-cycle rituals. The most important ghat is Ram Ghat where every evening a spectacular ritual, sandhya aarti is held. Priests gather at sundown to worship the sacred river with flowers, incense, sandalwood and vermillion.
Shopping in Ujjain
Shopping the new modern Freeganj, and the lanes of old Ujjain city.
Clock tower, Freeganj